How to design a comfortable bedroom

How to design a comfortable bedroom , the house is a haven for its owner , so that the house owned by each person has their own comfort kind of liking owners , comfortable home should have a comfortable bedroom of course , because surely at least 8 hours every day we use the room sleep , so that the interior of the house that should be made ​​as comfortable as possible is the bedroom . Well how do I design the comfortable bedrooms ?
Designing a comfortable bedroom , it is not as easy as we imagine , but this article will provide a way to design a comfortable bedroom , one easy way is :

choose a bed or mattress that is soft and gentle of course , you can use a spring that is expensive and so on .

Please choose a duvet that is not too thick so you do not overheat in use .
Be made a window to your bedroom , so that fresh air can be freely entered .

If you need to put the air conditioner so that the room temperature is maintained as desired, and you do not chilled or overheated .

Put a large photo display , either your photos or pictures that you like

You can visit the blog to provide specific examples of the cozy bedroom in

Once you design your comfortable bedroom , hopefully you can enjoy the convenience of having a nice bedrooms and beautiful .